DSG and S-Tronic Gearbox Service

At Motion Autos, we have all the specialist equipment and knowledge to service your DSG and S-Tronic gearbox correctly.

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At Motion Autos, as VW and Audi specialists, we have all the knowledge and specialist equipment to service your DSG gearbox or S-Tronic gearbox.

From changing the DSG oil and filter to resetting the clutch adaptation we are able to service your DSG gearbox to ensure it is performing how it should.

Audi recommend a DSG oil change at around 40,000 miles as the DSG gearbox oil becomes contaminated and does not perform how it should. If the DSG gearbox oil is not changed, the oil can deteriorate resulting in the DSG gearbox overheating and potentially causing the clutches to fail. 

Not only do we change the DSG oil and filter, we also thoroughly check the gearbox for any leaks and ensure it is performing correctly. 

What's more, we have a waiting room and complimentary drinks and Wi-Fi so you can sit and wait in comfort whilst your DSG gearbox is being serviced.

Want more information on DSG and S-tronic Gearbox servicing? Or just simply want to book your car in with our experts?

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